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Where do you shop?
We shop at our local grocery stores, In Vail we shop at our local City Market and Safeway stores. In Aspen, we shop at Clark's, City Market, and Whole foods (upon request).
What happens if the items I wanted are not available?
We will do our best to substitute with a similar quality product. If you prefer not to have the item substituted please indicate this by typing "No Substitute" in the description box.
Oops! I acccidently placed a duplicate order or want to cancel my order.  What do I do?
Call us at 970-845-8216 or email us within 24 hours of placing the order (Please note: If same day order please call immediately). We will refund your deposit and/or correct your order.
I have already placed my order but need to make some edits.  What do I do? 
With any changes to an order please email and we will update your order. If your order has already gone into fulfillment - it's possible the change will not be able to be made so please review your order a few days prior to your arrival to 
ensure you are set.
What is your cancelation policy and how do I cancel my order?
Typically an order goes into fulfillment within 48 hours of your delivery. That said, if you need to cancel please do so before this cut-off time. If you would like to cancel within 48 hours of your delivery we will return all non--perishable items.  Any perishable items that have already been checked out will be your responsibility and will billed to you at cost (no fees applied). We then will donate these items to the Community Market. Orders canceled inside the 48-hour window are not eligible to receive the deposit in return.  
My flight has been delayed what happens to my groceries?
Just send us an email or call us and we can coordinate with your lodging to either deliver ahead of time or keep with us until you arrive.
I am missing or have received different items than I ordered. What should I do?
We strive for customer satisfaction and 100% accuracy. Call us immediately and let us know and we can fix this for you. Please note that some items may have been substituted in place of your items with similar quality but if you are missing or received incorrect items, we will gladly replace the items with the corrected ones, provided it matches your original order.
I just arrived and my order is not here. What should I do!? 
At Resort Delivery, we strive to have your delivery ready before your arrival. However, there are times when we may not be able to make it happen due to weather conditions or busy arrival days. If you happen to beat us to your room, don't worry. We will bring your groceries as soon as possible, but it may be as late as 8pm.
How are you different than your competitors?
Our attention to detail and personalized experience. We make sure we communicate with you about your order so we get it right just as if you were shopping for yourself. Maybe it's for a very special family vacation or a girl's getaway weekend, whatever the case we make sure you aren't forgetting anything. Did you put the peanut butter in your order but didn't realize you forgot the jelly? Our Concierge team strives to try and help you make sure your order is everything you want.

We try our best to stock your unit before you arrive! Your groceries will not be left on the doorstep in the elements or with the bellman with no name on it.  We arrange pre-arrivals with your lodging whether it's with the resort, a private management company, or vacation rental company.  Please keep in mind that per-arrival deliveries may not be available on busy arrival days or when we are impacted by weather. 
Do you do anything else besides grocery delivery?
We can deliver alcohol, run errands to local stores, and deliver specialty food items such as fresh bagels, and flowers with our preferred partners. We are not a courier service, only local deliveries from local stores.
How soon should I place my order?
Please place your order as soon as you can. You can place your order as far as a year in advance. We strongly recommend your order be placed at least 72 hours prior to your arrival. This ensures your delivery day so our staff can plan accordingly. 
I have a question about my bill.  Who should I contact? 
For an questions pertaining to your bill please email
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